More workshop wear-resisting special bearing industry floor floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-08-02
Factory workshop has special requirements for the ground, many people will be entangled, workshop ground up grey sand, workshop floor cracking again, facing the ground every year renovation and transformation. This situation not only let a person very disturbing, large factory is also influenced by the degree of production efficiency. The market if he had professional industrial floor can provide the overall solution. What kind of floor products, used in the workshop, can not only beautiful and easy, adornment sex is strong, can bear high weight load again? Can shock absorption, good care, prevent slippery wear-resisting again? Professional factory workshop floor, use PVC environmental protection material, high resistance to wear. Color multiple-choice, shop outfit effect and beautiful. PVC lock assembly workshop floor short installation period, will not affect the normal production. The current feature can be very good to adapt to the workshop working environment. To walk compressive lived a forklift and a good workshop ground seriously improve the working environment of comfort. Workshop ground material is different from the common ground, workshop floor, because it requires weighing equipment, forklift, loading and unloading cargo particularity, production workshop also requires that the ground to be corrosion resistant, resistant to acid and alkali to special requirements. So the shop floor must be a high load, non-slip super durable. Reflected in industrial workshop floor, anti-corrosion floor, workshop workshop can forklift floor, shockproof mat workshop, workshop elastic mat. · Durability: size stability to ensure there is no gap between rubber floor juncture, even with the passage of time will not appear crack aperture. · Low maintenance: stain resistance and resistance to chemicals, water and detergent can wipe clean. · Durable: high abrasion resistance and cigarette burns and fire retardant B1 level, suitable for high load environment. · Safe and comfortable, good absorption of footsteps and antiskid performance.
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