Mirror just tell your geothermic floor plastic floor is good

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-05
Geothermal heating floor in a short time can increase the surface temperature of 20 ~ 50 ℃ temperature, great temperature difference, why is plastic floor geothermic floor? Basically has the following several reasons: first, plastic floor has good thermal conductivity, heat evenly, low thermal expansion coefficient, good dimensional stability, can effectively will floor heating heat evenly distributed, make indoor temperature increase rapidly. Second, suitable for geothermal use plastic floor, floor has the advantage of heat: safety, environmental protection, stability, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure corrupt, heat 3 minutes heat, heat preservation effect is good, the floor is comfortable, no noise, no formaldehyde release, not afraid of be affected with damp be affected with damp floor blistering, cracking, bulging, mildew, deformation. Three, real wood floor, aggrandizement ( Compound) The floor also has used for geothermal, but each have each defect. Real wood floor and there is a certain space between geothermal heat pipe, air is a poor conductor of heat, the temperature of the floor may be in more than 20 ° C, the floor as a heat shield blocking the heat loss, only the floor temperature is heating up to 20 ° C, just as a heat sink cooling of real wood floor, solid wood is a poor conductor of heat, natural indoor temperature is low. Afraid of tide and wood floor, a lot of wood floor will become warped deformation or cracking after winter, but it should be said that good quality real wood floor is also suitable for geothermal. Ceramic tile, although is a poor conductor of heat, ceramic tile and radiator pipe have no space, less heat conduction heat loss, so the temperature of the room can be up to 20 ° C, due to the thickness of the ceramic tile and the problem of heat faster, geothermal heating in the early time is long, the heat preservation effect is bad, need to continuously heated to keep the indoor temperature. Material of ceramic tile itself a sense of cold, the winter home use is not good for the old man child. Four, plastic floor is the floor of green environmental protection, many people mistakenly believe that plastic floor containing toxic substances, in fact, plastic floor as widely used in today's world of a new type of ground material, from production to the factory, has a complete set of strict inspection procedures, qualified plastic floor through the ISO international quality system certification and green environmental protection system certification, the state quality inspection departments to strictly detection. And some have challenged the floor glue, the high quality special glue, such as Germany henkel, optimal into are green environmental protection glue, do not have a harm to human body.
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