Mirror just tell everybody to maintain Spc floor enduring small coup

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-25
As the floor of the more popular on the market at present stage, the SPC floor is widely used in tooling and domestic outfit. But in the daily use for a long time is produced in the process of wear and tear, which requires our regular maintenance. Three material, seven parts and maintenance, timely maintenance of the floor will improve use fixed number of year, will be bright clean like new. So, how to properly maintain SPC lock floor? Below we introduce for everybody ~ although compared to the traditional real wood floor, the SPC has the advantages of waterproof wear-resistant floor. But the SPC no aldehyde and ordinary woodiness floor, floor clean at ordinary times can not be used in cleaning ball, a knife scraping, unable to use the basic way to clean waste should consult the relevant after-sale service staff to carry out clear. Cleaning products do not use highly corrosive chemical products such as toluene, xylene, may cause the damage to the floor. In daily to regular cleaning, vacuuming, usable and slightly damp mop to clear the SPC lock floor surface; Should prevent ultraviolet light point-blank, in order to avoid the floor color and fade. SPC lock floor decontamination of prime time is before the stain is not dry, erase with towel first, and then clean up with water on the ground. Pollution composition, tonal have inseparable relations with dirt, but also related to the environment temperature; In a timely manner to eliminate all kinds of stains on the ground, the SPC lock floor is very important. Although SPC floor than real wood floor, its wear-resisting durable performance is strong, but when handling items, especially at the bottom of the metal sharp items, also do not recommend a drag on the floor directly, so as not to damage the floor affect beautiful. For large areas of traffic more, wear usably felt such as removing the instep gravel, can reduce the damage to the floor, at the same time should shorten the maintenance period of time, every quarter application wax on the floor surface maintenance, carried out can reasonable maintenance floor and the floor waxing, maintain and beautiful. SPC floor diversified design can let a person feel the mood cheerful, and with the feet walk to have different degree of elasticity that children fall also won't have a lot of damage, the flexibility of its capability and the colour of freedom and led to a good decorative effect, can reinforce humanistic atmosphere.
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