Lock floor is what

by:YOUNGBO     2020-06-16
Lock floor is what? Reflected in SPC lock floor completely overcome the floor by the outside world in the process of cold and hot weather change, produce the problem such as leave seam, warping drum, in the process of shop, completely avoid, no nails, no glue, keel, laying on the ground directly, save time and height of the room, installation cost and and disassembling can be repeated use, economical and practical. Lock floor should all know, the invention of the SPC lock floor to make up for the ordinary floor easy to crack the problem of short service life, won the praise of consumers, then lock floor what advantages compared with ordinary flat floor? 1. Compared with the ordinary flat floor, lock floor more strict requirements for base material, if the lock of the lock floor for depends on the tongue-and-groove and tongue-and-groove connection, in the general case lock floor need to bear the tension is bigger, so the lock floor base material density and relative humidity must remain stable. 2. At the time of installation, you should have this kind of feeling, common wood floor installation is a more troublesome thing, put the position of what will be after accurate measurement; The lock floor is very simple, seams are also more closely, the whole shop effect is very good, used lock technology to reduce the error of manual shop, when the shop floor and floor knock gently into the slot. 3. Lock floor can avoid glue shop, common wood floor in the shop is needed in the process of adhesive connections, but contains the chemical composition, such as formaldehyde adhesive with more easy cause indoor pollution, and less with the weak and afraid of connections, and lock floor due to the function of locking force, even if no glue, the joints of the floor is very tight, not because of the change of the four seasons temperature problem such as craze, uplift. 4. The most obvious feature of the lock floor is to prevent the floor juncture craze. Lock floor have sex again, its free glue shop disassembly is easy and can be used to; Especially what needs to be held the exhibition or shop is a temporary place, its adornment effect significantly, exquisite and beautiful.
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