It is very urgent to environmental protection and energy saving, SPC floor in families

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-07
With the opening up of the two-child policy, a lot of people began a second child. To be responsible for the second child, in addition to certain material base, the health and safety environment is also essential. Children is each family of handheld devices, especially families with two children, children on the floor crawling toddler is inevitable, how to ensure the safety of the floor of the shop is in the home of environmental protection? SPC floor materials using environmental protection formula, with zero - formaldehyde, mouldproof moistureproof fire, insect-resistant, does not contain heavy metals, harmful material such as phthalates, methanol, and SPC floor shop process will exempt nails, no glue, avoid keel, laying on the ground directly, to avoid the glue of formaldehyde harm. SPC floor with its outstanding environmental performance advantages, solve the problem of deformation of real wood floor be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew, and other decorate material of formaldehyde. SPC floor not only applies to domestic outfit, but also influenced by school, kindergarten, office, shopping malls and other public places.
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