Is you don't know, more and more large-scale project choose SPC floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-07
In many schools, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, we can see the SPC floor more and more tooling project will choose the SPC floor, was in a large engineering SPC floor what are the advantages? Shop outfit effect of atmospheric SPC, single floor area is large, less seams, in hall hall and other high-end space place can reveal the atmosphere environment. SPC floor design and color is diversiform, the cutting is very simple, can choose different design and color is assembled, can show individual character, can avoid monotony. Shop is a very fast SPC floor USES mostly lock design, make the installation easier, only when the installation will lock the male female slot alignment, buckle together, compared with ceramic tile, wooden floor can greatly shorten the time to shop, etc. In addition the SPC floor shop to complete can be put into use, to shorten the cycle of the project has a positive meaning. High wear-resisting degree SPC with specialized floor wear-resisting layer, even very large stations, shopping malls and other visitors, also won't appear the problem of wear and tear off of design and color. Good anti-skid performance had just drag to ceramic tile, if the residual water may be very slippery, daily care and wood floor more bother. Daily cleaning and SPC floor tile basic same, different water foot feeling is met SPC floor becomes more astringent, although the surface water is not easy to slip and fall. Fire retardant many large engineering projects, fireproof performance of decoration materials demand is higher, and the material of SPC floor has natural flame retardancy, its fire rating can achieve B1 level, this is also a lot of big projects selected SPC is one of the important reasons of the floor. SPC floor have long popular in foreign countries, is not only in the field of tooling, residential market is also very hot. Instead of buying seemingly 'affordable' not environmental protection floor, and later to remove formaldehyde, it is better to directly choose and buy of high quality and high environmental protection floor of SPC.
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