Industrial PVC floor in use process pay attention to maintain at ordinary times?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-12
1, sandstone protection: to prevent shoes sand the floor surface scratch. 2, goods handling protection: when handling items, especially at the bottom of the metal sharp items, don't drag on the floor, to prevent the floor injured. 3, fireworks protection: although the PVC floor is the fire rating is difficult combustion level ( B1 level) Floor, do not represent the floor won't be fireworks burn, so people in the use of PVC floor, don't will be burning cigarette butts, mosquito-repellent incense, electric irons, high temperature metal objects directly on the floor above, in case the floor damage. 4, floor maintenance on a regular basis: PVC floor clean is clean, use a neutral detergent cannot use strong acid or alkali cleaner to clean the ground, the preventive maintenance work regularly clean. A, daily maintenance: ninety percent of the clean dry mop to clean the ground, to the serious pollution to local clean. B, monthly maintenance: the ground clean, local base damaged floor wax. Especially with plasmid of PVC floor wax the floor once a month commonly deal with maintenance. 5, pollution treatment: PVC floor, food, fat and other contamination of the ink should wipe away dirt, and then use diluted detergent scrub marks, and may be used in the shoes in black colour printing is difficult to remove residual veil touched swab rosin water, do not use rosin water on the floor clean, scrub to fill wax after curing. 6, note: cannot use clean ball, the floor is clean knives scraping, unable to use conventional methods to clean dirt, consulting the relevant personage, do not use chemicals such as toluene,. 7, sun protection: avoid bright lights direct illuminate, completes the floor put ultraviolet irradiation, prevent the floor color and fade.
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