Industrial PVC floor daily maintenance points

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-13
In order to prolong the service life of industrial PVC floor, in everyday use, care, we should pay attention to some maintenance tips. The following is origin to popularize. Prevention: 1. In order to reduce sediment on the abrasion of the floor, and can be laid at the entrance MATS, effect and cleaning in time. 2. When handling furniture and equipment, the transportation route should be laid on a cushion, avoid dragging on the floor directly. 3. Furniture and equipment placed between foot and floor cushion, cushion size slightly larger than the base size. 4. In order to prevent scratches on the ground, don't be too sharp nail or wear heels shoes walk on the ground, if the condition allows, put on soft bottom shoes as much as possible. 5. At ordinary times should pay attention to avoid hard or sharp instruments, fell on the floor, avoid damage to the floor. 6. Dirt floor adhesive gum, available water bags, frozen ice in the fridge, and then put the ice on the gum, make its cooling harden, then carefully scrape. 7. PVC floor, try not to direct contact with heat source, such as high temperature above 60 ℃ is placed on the floor of the items, such as electric kettle, etc. Although the fire rating of PVC floor is the B1 level, but long-term exposure to high temperature object, will reduce the service life of the floor. 8. It is forbidden to soak in the water floor, although some ground water use waterproof glue partition, but by water soak for a long time, will seriously affect the service life of the PVC floor, should be timely in the process of cleaning water in the suction machine. 9. Avoid bright lights direct illuminate, prevent ultraviolet light, to prevent the floor color and fade. Cleaning: 1. Soft PVC floor clean, appropriate USES neutral detergent, warm water to wipe, do not use strong acid or alkali cleaning the floor. Using organic solvent treatment, floor need to be careful. 2. PVC floor sprinkle with ink, oil, etc. , should be timely treatment, daily cleaning only need to use detergent water, soap, the stain, it is forbidden to use steel wire ball grinding, in case of damage to the floor surface. 3. With moisture more cloth when cleaning, attention should be paid to prevent moisture from the connection or horizontal grain position in open phenomenon causes the floor empty post and connection. 4. In order to reduce the wear and tear on the surface of the PVC floor, prolong the service life of the floor, keep the floor clean and beautiful, needs a thorough cleaning on a regular basis, wax and maintenance. For more visitors should shorten the maintenance period, wear a larger place.
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