Industrial PVC floor

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-15
PVC Mosaic floor, is a suitable ground of new materials with workshop. Used for workshop floor of PVC floor general thickness of not less than 5 mm, more wear-resisting, carrying higher, not afraid of forklift truck transportation vehicles such as rolling. Pvc special Mosaic floor, oil resistant, not afraid of oil immersion, is advantageous for the shop floor cleaning and maintenance. High thickness of elastic surface, can have very good damping effect, won't make our working environment under the baptism of the big noise every day. Pvc Mosaic floor, a greater advantage, for the ground installation requirements is not high, the particularity of lock, installation is more convenient and quick. A few hundred square meters of ground just one day time can the completion of the installation. Install PVC Mosaic floor don't need professional construction personnel. The ground does not need through special processing, only need ordinary cement ground is ok.
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