Industrial ground to choose what ground material compressive antiskid and wear-resisting?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-10
What does the ground spread workshop is better? What is a good floor factory workshop use? What is a good ground material workshop? Reflected in factory workshop ground material is based on the needs of the production workshop ground, so as to choose the right solution. Mirror just according to the different industrial environment for enterprises to improve more series of industrial flooring products. Such as: factory workshop floor, repair shop floor, workshop plastic PVC floor, workshop floor, workshop non-slip mat and so on. Reflected in industrial PVC floor can solve the factory ground gas, ash, wear-resisting non-skid, resistance to pressure, prevent hit, but forklift truck, oil resistant, ground up protection for industry. Mechanical and electrical factory, workshop, and other machinery industry mould warehouse, workshop, and channels of the plant, etc. , on the ground is higher, and often go forklift, trucks, etc. , so we need the ground can impact resistance, wear resistance, and able to deal with forklift rolling back and forth. Most often is ceramic tile factory ground shop floor materials, cement floor, epoxy floor, diamond and so on, this kind of floor can only be used for pedestrian or light load, and the mirror had overcome thought floor defect industrial floor, can meet the high demand of the industrial buildings on the ground, and was chosen by many factories for the necessary material, has the very good compressive resistance to wear, quiet, and beautiful, the shop is convenient, easy to maintenance and cleaning. Consult the hit just more industrial ground material.
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