Industrial floor floor that can resist the overloading of vehicles

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-31
Reflected just is a kind of new industrial flooring materials suitable for industrial use in the application of the ground, completely solve the industrial workshop excessive wear, paint layer, dust, moisture or almost any floor problems such as pollution. Is now being more widely used in different areas of heavy industry workshop floor, heavy forklift ground, workshop floor and so on. This new type of industrial floor main advantages: 1. Suits with forklift, pallet truck, car, heavy truck and high capacity of pedestrian use. 2. Intelligent modern appearance, custom color at random, help you to quickly build a beautiful, clean, protected high efficiency industrial ground. 3. Excellent durability, far more than the traditional cement floor, epoxy floor paint, etc. , and is more flexible and efficient. 4. Peace and constant temperature, noise insulation resistance, prevent cold and wet, helps to protect the existing factory floor. 5. More durable, more easy to maintain. Heavy wear. At the same time local damage local replacement. 6. Solve the problem of multiple ground, sand on the ground, the ash, the shell, and other issues. 7. On the ground at the grass-roots level is not high, leveling the ground can be laid. 8. Removable, may use (secondary Commonly known as mobile ground) 。 9. Don't delay the construction period, construction process, the workshop can be normal operation.
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