how travertine tile is prepared for flooring and wall tile

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-26
As a solid and reliable building material, the lime tile is still a highly diverse natural stone for a wide range of applications.
Lime China was used in the ancient world, but it can also be found to be a major component of many modern buildings, such as the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the UCLA Medical Center.
Lime tiles are used as floor tiles in residential and commercial environments and are also decorative options for wall coating and tailgate.
With indoor and outdoor use, the lime tile is a durable stone with outstanding features and beauty.
The processed lime tile is removed from the Earth by large blocks before being cut into a tile that can be identified as lime tile.
It can be cut in any of the following ways: Crossover
Cutting lime China is cut with stone-paved particles, the same layer formed on Earth.
This makes the texture and color more uniform. The lime Hua is cut on several stone beds to form a more mottled tiger pattern
When cutting into waves after Lime-China mining, the stripe effect is strictly selected for color differences and further evaluated after cutting holes and notch edges.
In addition to the selection process, lime China may be affected by any of the following processes. The surface of the tile is polished into matte to form matte. The lime is actually rolled with gravel and bearings, giving it a rough-
Aging appearance.
Brush line brush is used to provide a worn, textured surface to the surface of the lime tile to fill the pores in the lime tile to fill the colored resin or cement to produce the original, solid surface.
After being polished and polished, the lime Hua produces a shiny lookA featured design element that anyone will find to be a source of pride, and the popularity of the lime Hua does not seem to diminish.
In fact, the choice of lime tiles as floor and wall tiles is becoming more and more popular!
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