How to solve the problem of hydraulic forklift crush on the ground?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-07-03
Update problems on the factory floor ground, hydraulic forklift is a problem, the ground is basically epoxy floor, transform the workshop ground is epoxy floor, with a 2 - 3 years desquamate, grey. Choose what kind of industry of PVC floor can have 8 tons forklift machinery processing workshop ground to become one of the most headaches, especially in mechanical processing enterprises. As heavy manufacturing industry, machinery processing enterprises with using the environment is bad, have forklift roller compaction, items, drag and drop, impact tools, equipment vibration, smeary infiltration, scrap iron and wear characteristics, so the shop floor strength requirements to high compressive resistance, wear resistance, impact, penetration, the ground clean, no ash, sand, easy maintenance and longer service life, etc. So what with what kind of shop floor is most suitable for mechanical processing industry? Select number of tonnage high compressive floor products is compressive load, demand per square meter bearing 10 tons, suitable for heavy forklift walk how to do? Reflected in industrial workshop floor plan: PVC high load and high pressure, easy installation, and prevent slippery, corrosion resistant, oil resistant, resistant to most chemicals, resistant to strong acid, weak alkali resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, can be quickly installed in the ground, on the basis of including wood, concrete, epoxy resin, ceramic tile, terrazzo, etc. , are widely used in the workshop workshop floor, warehouse, garage on the ground floor and so on.
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