How to Mix Hardwood Floor Types From Room to Room

by:YOUNGBO     2021-06-08

Not all the rooms in your house have the same light, one room looks good the floor may not look good in the other room.Because most hardwood floors have tongueand-Groove structure, when laying the floor throughout the house, it is not difficult to create a transition from one wood to another.Even if the width of the board is different, you can make the transition easily, but it is not easy if the board thickness is different.If they do, you may have to install the transition bar where they meet.Transition at the entrance door of each room.To transition between a hallway and a large room without a door, such as a living room, align it with the wall that makes up the entrance.Start installing the floor in your house and lay the first course in the most significant transition phase.For example, if you lay a hardwood floor in the living room and want to transition to another hardwood floor in the corridor, draw a straight line between the walls that make up the entrance to the living room, and lay the first floor of the living room or corridor along this line.Top-This is the first dish on the floor.16-time guide hole drilling pair2-inch intervalThe inch finish nail you cut off your head.Drive a 2-Inch finish nailing into each hole and set the head depth to 1/8 to 1/4 with a nail punch.Cut a temporary tongue from a spare floor on the table and plug it into the groove during the transition.It should cling to the groove and stick out at least 1/8.Install one type of hardwood flooring on one side of the transition and another type of hardwood flooring on the other side.Tap the boards together and DingTalk them with the floor DingTalk, first working in one direction away from the transition and then in the other.Make a transition at the door and install the floor outside the door until you finish the course that extends to the door frame.Continue to install the floor in the bedroom, but use the different hardwood floors of your choice.Don\'t tear off the last dish of the floor you use outside the room so that the transition falls right in the middle of jamb.It is best to keep the board intact and shift the transition slightly from the center.Only when the thickness of the hardwood floor you transition to is different, cut the tongue off the transition board.Dock the groove side of the next course with the non-tonal edge of the transition course and the topNail the boards in two classes.After the floor is polished, a transition zone is nailed during the transition to prevent tripping.
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