how to keep your hardwood flooring like new for decades

by:YOUNGBO     2021-06-08
If you have a high foot traffic section on your floor that you don\'t want to see worn out within a year of installation, buy a carpet and be sure to protect it with a carpet.Some wood floors are more durable than others, but if they are not protected from constant foot stepping, foot stepping and stamping, all wood floors will eventually wear out.The soft Persian carpet in the living room or the runner in the hallway can add decades of life to your floor.Chicago Ravenswood should have a lot of carpets that suit your style.Sweep regularly with a soft broom and you usually want to avoid sweeping hard wood with a hard broom.A harder broom is great for harder tiles and felt, but over time it will scratch the wood floor.To keep the floor smooth and scratch-free, you\'re looking for a soft broom with synthetic hair, horse hair, or something like a bristle.Avoid those rough straw brooms or anything that feels too rough.Generally: Don\'t drag it over your hardwood floor if you don\'t want it to drag your bare feet.Some people don\'t think you need to vacuum the wood floor.In fact, even the finest glazed wooden surfaces will have some cracks and pores to collect dust.Keep the floor clean by vacuuming once or twice a week.Keep it dry, you pour a little water on the tile floor in the kitchen, no problem, if not too much, you will make it dry yourself.However, anything on the hardwood floor should be immediately soaked with a towel.Whether it\'s a splash of water or a bigger mess, even a little bit of water can hurt the wood, causing it to twist or mold.Don\'t drag the furniture, you can drag on cheap carpets, but don\'t drag and drop the furniture when it goes through the wood floor, lifting and handling.In any case, you don\'t need to be fascinated by your wood floor.If you just practice common sense and keep it clean and dry, you should make sure it looks as good as the new one even if the floor is aging.
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