How to identify the stand or fall of craft is plastic floor shop?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-04-03
Plastic floor shop outfit process also play a crucial role for life. In the process of the shop is simple rendering errors are: 1, the earth is not flat. The ground uneven will make part of the plastic floor appear the phenomenon of concave and convex, namely bulge. At the time of laying plastic floor, self-leveling, such as the earth is not flat should do first make again laid flat on the ground. 2, when plastic floor shop and the scale of the laid of the ground. Plastic floor area generally should be slightly smaller than the earth, in order to set aside expansion joints, preventing plastic floor heat bilges cold shrink. 3, plastic floor and bonding is strong at the grass-roots level. Plastic floor posted to do not become warped edge, not degum, do not empty drum, coating evenly, facing no glue pollution. 4, paved plastic floor surface should be clean, no pollution, and glue mark; Juncture place picture clear, no off color, markings conform to close; As plain, a straight, as with a net sealed, straight. 5, when laying plastic floor temperature wants moderate, field ground temperature should not be below 15 ℃ or above 30 ℃. Chongqing plastic floor III how daily nursing can prolong the service life of plastic floor 1, cleared of all kinds of dirt on the floor. 2, not to the floor in water for a long time, although the plastic floor waterproof and moistureproof effect is very good, but by water soak for a long time, will accelerate the ageing of the plastic floor, seriously affect the service life. Daily mop the floor when also want to suck the water in a timely manner. 3, clean appliance to ban the use of hard, rough, Such as steel wire ball, microfiber cloth, etc. ) Conflict on the ground, but also to prevent the sharp objects knock against the ground. 5, the traffic was imported high public place the doormat, to prevent into grime sand, etc. , cut plastic floor. 6, for larger foot traffic, wear more local should shorten the protection period, increase the high strength surface wax wax times. The service life of plastic floor by floor quality, surfacing technology, the resolution of daily maintenance and other factors, these three elements are very important! Plastic floor quality, therefore, that from this aspect to talk about the service life of plastic floor does not have any meaning.
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