How to correctly laying SPC lock floor?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-21
In all of the PVC floor, SPC lock floor is high hardness, it can't be like other sheet or adhesive floor can bend. Around the perimeter of the SPC lock floor open a card slot, when the shop installs through these card slot. Because of the plasticizer and the causes of stone powder and the proportion of PVC, SPC lock floor material itself is more brittle, if pavement roughness at the grassroots level is high, can appear the slot fracture problem, so when the shop installs need be carried out in accordance with the strict technical standards. Detection of grass-roots flatness of all the PVC floor, SPC lock floor to the flatness requirement of the grassroots. So make sure you do first when bridal chamber decorates self-leveling, if is renovated the old ground, the ground fall of on any account shall not exceed 2 mm, concave and convex. Spread moistureproof cotton SPC lock floor itself has a good waterproof performance, so the shop moistureproof cotton is not to moistureproof, but there is another role. SPC lock floor high hardness, put a layer of moisture cotton between the foundation and the floor can have very good buffer role, can make the two closer contact, and can provide the floor with the foot feels softer. But it is important to note that can't be too thick moistureproof cotton, should be in 1 - It is advisable to 2 mm. The shop is SPC lock floor 1. Dip b plate convex embedded into the slots, lock flat. 2. B after flat plate and plate spacing of about 2 - C 3 mm into parallel lines. 3. Lift A plate and B plate at the same time, About 45 degree Angle with the ground) 。 4. Push B flat in the direction of the C plate board face, until the lock. 5. With the palm of A plate and B plate to press flat, don't make A brute force hard floor. 6. After completion of assembly, the floor flat, and no cracks. If the floor is not flat or have crack, need to gently lift 10 - After 30 ° Angle lock, stick to the floor will be automatically is flat and level. 7. Install the line that play a base have special PVC play crural line can be adapted to lock floor, when installation crural line also is through cogged closely together. SPC lock floor the whole surfacing process is not complicated, only a little need to pay special attention to: the grass-roots flatness must be qualified!
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