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by:YOUNGBO     2021-06-08
Hardwood floors have always been very stylish and are now becoming more and more popular in offices or other formal rooms.The reason why they are popular is their warm appearance, diversity, affordable price, easy maintenance, high value and environmental protection.There are so many kinds of flooring materials on the market today, so it\'s not difficult to choose the perfect hardwood flooring materials for your home or office.Compared to other floors such as tiles, vinyl, etc, people prefer hardwood floors as they provide a very simple and attractive look for their home.There are many options for hardwood floors, but the most famous ones are parquets and plank.Basically, the parquet floor is made of hardwood floors and square.In order to get an attractive look, different people arrange these hard wooden grids with different geometric designs.The second most prominent design of hardwood floors is the wood style.In the wood style, the hardwood strips are placed on a board.In general, these boards are between three and 6 inch, and they can be easily installed compared to any other hardwood floor design.Nowadays, the installation of hardwood floors has become very easy because manufacturers have developed their installation systems to help their consumers install them on their own at home or wherever they want.However, you can also get help from professionals to install hardwood floors.Hardwood floors are also easy to maintain and clean.With a soft carpet you can easily clean the dust or any type of dirt.Nowadays, some specific cleaning liquids are also widely used for more serious situations such as wax drops or oil spills.Cutting and scratches can be polished after a specific time period, so the floor will remain the same look as it was when it was installed.There are various types of polyurethane solutions on the market that you can use to repair hardwood floors.The most common polyurethane is oil-modified polyurethane.It contains a base consisting of different materials such as plasticizer, petroleum resin and many other ingredients that can increase the durability of hardwood floors.This product has different gloss.It is a solvent-based solution, so it dries in about 8 hours.Water-based polyurethane is another kind of polyurethane.This product consists of synthetic resin, plasticizer and other film-forming materials.This polyurethane is very popular because of its excellent moisture resistance.The cost of water-based polyurethane is higher than any other type of this material, but it also offers very nice hardwood floors.Another advantage of this material is that compared to any material, it is the most tasteless and dries after applying it to the hardwood floor surface for 2 to 3 hours.
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