Ground badly worn how to solve is better?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-08-01
In daily life, we often can see some broken ground, whether home or workshop on the ground, there will be wear away the phenomenon of peeling. The vast majority are caused because of the ground wear-resisting. The ground USES the higher the frequency, wear is more severe. How to quickly solve the ground to wear? Reflected in the home installs the floor wear-resisting coefficient can reach 20000 RPM, reflected in industrial workshop floor wear-resisting coefficient can reach 200000 RPM. Reflected in an outfit and industrial workshop floor wearability is good, not only has non-slip, flame-retardant, waterproof, environmental protection, etc. Reflected in industrial floor pressure overload resistance, oil resistance, can be a forklift, a square bearing can be up to 30 tons. Reflected in the home installs the floor and reflected on industrial floor, are all lock floor. Laid without cushion layer, need not glue, laying on the ground directly. Laid convenient and quick, can quickly upgrade the ground. Don't have to keep factories and workers idle and construction, that is, spread the box, they can be laid. Per person per day can be laid between 200 and 300 square meters. Reflected on the floor with the advantages of its own can completely solve the problem of wear and tear on the ground.
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