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by:YOUNGBO     2021-06-10
Durable, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, no wonder hardwood floors are so popular, however, choosing the right wood for your home is much more complicated than simply picking the wood you like and taking it off.
Katie Belanger, designer in (
Westborough. com)
, Tips for her to choose the wood floor that suits your space.
Whether you are a busy family with kids and pets or you are single and single most of the time, this will determine the type and finish of hardwood flooring that best suits your home. A high-
For example, transport families will benefit from matte surfaces with poor or electrical wires
The look of the brush, which will hide scratches and dents over high
Wood with glossy or clear texture.
You have two options for hardwood floors. Solid wood (
Most of us think thick boards are hard boards)
Or engineering Wood (
Consists of a layer of solid wood on the top of multi-layer plywood).
\"Engineering is more stable in a humid environment (
Like basement)
But the top is the same (as solid wood)
This means that you can polish the engineering floor like a solid wood floor . \" Said Belanger. High-
The quality engineered flooring looks the same as solid wood, but there is one benefit --
Its dimensional adaptability.
If you like the stylish look of a wider board, your best option due to its stability is engineered wood.
Because each layer of engineering Wood is laid at 90-
There is no room for the expansion of the wood, which means that it will not tighten.
Belanger recommends any engineering flooring over 4 inch.
Solid wood is not recommended below
As the wood is quickly damaged by moisture on the ground, the grade of the floor is high.
Bellanger recommends engineering Wood for basement
It can be mounted on a concrete slab. Above-
The bottom layer will have the greatest diversity when choosing the floor, as both solid wood and engineered wood can be installed on the surface of the plywood.
Consider the color of cabinets, furniture and paint to ensure that the wood does not conflict with these design elements.
You may have enough light to balance the dark floor if you have a lot of windows, but the dark house may be more suitable for light-colored floors to illuminate it.
Although the Black Forest has become popular over the past few years, the trend has now shifted to light colors, says Bellanger.
Hardwood floors range from $4 to $10 per square foot, although Belanger recommends a budget of $10 to $15 per square foot to include the installation fee.
While clearing warehouses often offer substantial discounts on hard wood, Belanger warns against too high prices --
Choosing a reputable company is the key.
\"You want to make sure you get a good product,\" she said . \".
The warehouse liquidator may not store the wood in an appropriate environment, which may affect the quality of the wood.
The last thing you want to do is install 1,000 square feet of hard wood based on the sample of the showroom, only to find that it conflicts with your cabinet.
Always ask for a sample with the stain of your choice and finish it on it so you can test it at home with your decor.
Belanger notes that colors often change from store to home as the lights are different.
Be sure to look at the floor during the day and at night to make sure you have the color you really want.
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