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by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-27
Make some home renos according to the unique hardwood floors of Laosong, or build a new home, want to know the latest Flooring trendsto-
Natural styling is the latest style on the floor.
Canadian manufacturers also said that the choice of hardwood floors today is also effective on walls and ceilings.
I think this is wood paneling in a modern style.
Here is the media release of Lawson about the trend of the floor.
Not surprisingly, it also includes publicity for their new flooring collection: Starting at the foot, celebrating nature as the latest trend in home decor.
This year, the Canadian flooring will present an unprecedented real, natural look, and today\'s flooring will bring the beauty of the outdoors into the home.
This is information about the unique hardwood flooring of the leading Canadian manufacturer, Lawson, which announced the launch of two unique natural eco-hardwood flooringfriendly, air-
The purified hardwood flooring series-known as The Organik series and the Authentik series-duplicate the beauty of their original wood source.
Priscilla Bergeron said: \"In all aspects of home decor, we see a revival of all the natural and nostalgic things, because people want to return to their communication manager at Lawson in our increasingly tech world
\"Ironically, new technologies are creating stunning authentic hardwood floors that mimic the glory of simpler times.
According to Bergeron, some of the latest looks of hardwood floors include: the rustic style is hotter than ever before.
Think of the wood in the barn with soft texture, natural knots, cracks and mineral stripes.
Today\'s popular wooden floors are the same as worn-out jeans, with a rich history and personality.
Its defects make it perfect.
: Smooth, high-gloss wood floor is losing ground due to its personnel reasonsmade, mass-
Production appearance.
Low gloss or matte surfaces are new favorites, especially those that have been scratched with a soft wire brush, revealing the true features of the grain.
: The bigger the board, the better.
The larger and longer planks increase the visual interest of the room, and the same is true for combining multiple planks together
The width of a space.
The board is not limited to the floor, but is used everywhere-from the wall to the ceiling, and even the headboard of the bedroom.
S: as neutral tones tend to reveal more textured patterns and create a welcoming feel in the room, the movement towards nature, light and pastel wood colors is growing.
Mixed decoration with many
Tone paneling adds extra size and appeal to any space.
These trends are included in Lawson\'s new flooring collection.
The Designer ik series, part of the Designer series, is a completely natural, FSC-certified maple hardwood floor.
Thanks to the new breakthrough craft, the floor uniquely releases the beauty of Maple natural grain, knots and mineral stripes, just as there are no other floors on the market.
The elegant floor has a rich neutral wood grain tone, smooth Pearl on the surface, and the tone changes greatly, becoming lighter or deeper depending on the lighting and decoration, resulting in a chameleon effect.
3 1/4 and 4 1/4-
The inch wide board, the wood will become more elegant over time.
The Authentik series, part of the Laosong atmosphere series, is a solid red oak hardwood floor line that is described as a contemporary style of historical significance and eternity. With a low-
The glossy surface allows the beauty of the grain to pass through, and it has six smoky finishes-from milky white to rich earthy brown.
The floor is made of wires.
Brush technology, open wood grain, give subtle texture to the surface.
In addition, the brushed surface masks the wear and tear caused by children and pets and prevents slipping by providing better grip.
Generous 3 1/4 and 4 1/4-
The inch-wide planks reveal more wood grain, and the floor gives two authentic flavorstoned look.
Both the Organik and Authentik series incorporate Lauzon\'s pure genius intelligence technology, the firstof-its-
The innovation of hardwood floors makes the home healthier.
When the floor is activated by natural or man-made light and air movement, the floor breaks down the toxins in the air and significantly improves the indoor air quality.
\"These flooring collections were developed after extensive market research with interior designers and consumers,\" said Bergeron . \".
\"Our research shows that the market has a huge demand for authentic hardwood floors with unparalleled aesthetic beauty and low carbon footprint, and that\'s exactly what Laosong did.
\"The organic IK and Authentik series flooring in Lawson are available at professional flooring retailers across Canada.
There are 35 Organik lines-
One-year warranty, with 30-Authentik series-year warranty.
For more information or find a dealer, visit.
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