Anti-static floor cracking of what?

by:YOUNGBO     2020-03-28
Precisely, anti-static floor, the floor should be called conducting electrostatic its operation principle is through the electrostatic import floor layer on the surface of the material will be underground. It is well known that the earth is the medium of static electricity, and electrostatic floor is connected to the earth with workplaces in electrostatic equipment. Because of the geographical position is different, to increase the humidifier in the room, north and the south needs to increase the dehumidifier. Computer room environment humidity can not meet the national specification will make room equipment cannot be static release, leaked to the pile. Without humidity cannot conduct electricity, can make the room entities formed electrostatic equipment failure, severe forming equipment paralysis. 。 Anti-static cover the floor for melamine. Drop in temperature in winter, the outside temperature and humidity is higher than indoor temperature difference is too big, the environment temperature and humidity in the room can not meet the national rules of skill specification, the dry degree of relative environment is too big, anti-static veneers and expansion coefficient of steel sheet is different, so the formation of melamine cover accelerate shrinkage and shell, cracking phenomenon. Chongqing anti-static floor for computer room environment condition, anti-static raised floor environment rules have the following specifications: 1: using the anti-static raised floor environment temperature is: 23 ℃ + 2 ℃. Environmental humidity: 45% RH to 55% RH. 2: gb GB2887 - 89 computer station place skills three rules opportunity inside the boot in the condition of environment temperature and humidity specifications. The environment temperature is: A level 22 + 2 ℃, class B 15 ~ 30 ℃, C level 10 ~ 35 ℃. Environmental humidity is: A grade 45% ~ 65%, class B 40% ~ 70%, 30% ~ 80 C. General specification of the telecom room all should reach grade A standard.
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