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An inevitable trend: PVC locking floor to enter the home decoration market

An inevitable trend: PVC locking floor to enter the home decoration market


According to floor industry expert’s analysis, looking at the overall development situation of current floor industry, future PVC floor will replace traditional floor and become the mainstream product of floor industry. This is mainly because there is more and more scientific investment put into PVC floor and diversified product performance will make up for the deficiencies of traditional floor.

Compared with traditional floor, PVC locking floor has more advantages in daily use:

1. Handy installation and good pavement performance

Its installation is very simple. PVC locking floor has impervious seam and overall effect is good. Due to the locking force of the lock floor, the temperature diffuses around which avoids partial uplift and solves the problem of internal deformation of the floor.

2.Easy to maintain

As we all know, traditional floor is troublesome and waste of energy in daily maintenance. As for wood flooring, the character of material makes it extremely easy to wear out and damp. When you use for a long time, it is likely to appear bloating and cracking. Moreover, replacement and maintenance are very inconvenient. Ceramic tile floor is very difficult to maintain, the ground seam is easy to accumulate dust and dirt which not only affect whole appearance, but also can breed bacterium. If there are heavy objects placed on the ceramic floor, they will be broken.

Compared with these materials, the maintenance of PVC locking floor is very convenient. When the surface of the floor is dirty, simply wipe it with a mop. It requires less maintenance than other material floor.

3. Super wear resistance and long service life

At the same time, this floor has super wear resistance, which extends its service life. If you normally and reasonably use, its service life can reach more than 15 years.

4. Waterproof and dampproof (applicable in humid environment)

Compared with wood floor and ceramic tile floor, the product's waterproof and dampproof performance are stronger. After touching water floor won't appear damage and deformation. At the same time it won't produce mildew because of moisture. Wood flooring does not have such an advantage.

5.Good thermal conductivity

The locking floor can be installed without glue. Compared with ceramic tile floor, its heat-conducting performance is good and it can radiate heat evenly. In just 2-3 minutes, the floor heating temperature can be transmitted to the ground.

In Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, this floor is the first choice for floor heating to conduct heat and very suitable for home pavement.

6.Sound absorption and flame retardant

The sound absorption of the product can reach 20 db and it is very suitable for cinemas, libraries and other places.

And the meeting room with PVC floor is more relaxing than with paving floor tile and can reduce pressure for urbanite. For upstairs and downstairs it plays a very good role in noise reduction.

Fireproof performance of PVC locking floor in accordance with national standards can reach B1 level.

7.No formaldehyde and environmental

The main raw material of the product is non-toxic and renewable PVC, and the main ingredient in the sheet is the natural stone powder without any radioactive elements, so it can ensure the environmental protection and health of PVC floor products.


Locking floor's installation is simple and easy to disassemble, because the lock floor is installed without glue and can be reused after removal.

Above are the advantages of floor product of PVC lock. Besides above these, it still has the advantage such as easy processing, various design and color, and good decorative effect. With the continuous development of science and technology, PVC locking floor will lead home decoration industry and we believe the material of this kind of new-style ground is sure to become mainstream trend in the future.


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