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2020 Annual Meeting

2020 Annual Meeting


Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. On Feb 5, 2021, the youngbo company's 2021 year-end work summary meeting have been hosted,  Focusing on the theme of the annual meeting of "Concentrate and win the future together", the company's Boss Rugan LIu and  general manager Dong An and other senior managers gathered together to summarize the achievements made in the past year and plan the development direction of the new year.

Encourage advanced, commend excellent

Youngbo adheres to the corporate culture of "loyalty, professionalism, forge ahead, and happiness", attaches great importance to talent development, actively reserves talents, encourages outstanding employees, and creates a broad employment environment for employee development. This annual meeting is especially aimed at those who have achieved excellent results in 2020. 10 employees gave commendations and awards. Among the winners are outstanding employees; there are managers who lead the team to achieve outstanding performance; there are unity and cooperation to create an excellent team.

Carrying on the past and opening the new year, advancing with the times and celebrating the good harvest, we are full of expectations for the coming 2021. The people of Youngbo stood side by side at a brand new starting point, and jointly painted a more magnificent blueprint for Youngbo .

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